James Scott as EJ Dimera

"We Love EJ, Played by James Scott"

“We Love EJ, Played by James Scott”


James Scott is a British born actor who plays E.J. DiMera in “Days Of Our Lives”.  He has portrayed E.J. since May 2006.

Before joining “Days of Our Lives” Scott appeared as Ethan Cambias in “All My Children” on ABC until his character was killed off.  He was contacted by the Days staff, which then created a role for him.  ABC released him and he was then able to join the cast of Days.

James was nominated in the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series category in 2010 and 2011.  Scott was ranked one of the Top Performers of 2009 for his role as EJ.  He was listed by TV Guide as one of the Most Valuable Actors in Daytime.  He won the “Adonis” competition 4 straight times to be one of the “hunkiest soap stars in all the land”.

On January 14, 1979 James Scott was born in Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England – the eldest of four children (3 boys and 1 girl).  He attended school in Newcastle before attending an all-boys boarding school in Lancaster.  His mother is Scottish and as a boy he spent a great deal of time in Scotland.

After finishing school he moved to Edinburgh Scotland.  There he was able to work in one of Edinburgh Festival Fringe’s well known theatre with some well know actors.  He realized if he wanted to pursue an acting career he needed to go to London for study.  To finance his studies James was able to do obtain modeling assignments which allowed him to apply for any be accepted by the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Scott saved his money and came to Los Angeles where he studied acting for a couple more years.  In August 2004 he began his role in “All My Children” and continued until February 2006.



  1. Good looking, great actor….good with Sammy…they have a love hate kinda love ..and I think it’s rather sexy….keeping them together …

    • OK, unlike Galens bio, you didn’t mention if James was married or had a family. It’s great about all his accomplishments etc., and we all love him on Days, if you didn’t you’d be dead! I know I would have loved to read about that too.
      Thank you. It goes without saying we all love his accent, it’s natural and something that adds to the show. He’s tall, handsome and so likeable. If only I were younger……..

  2. i think James Scott would be very good playing Christian Grey in fifty shades of grey

  3. Danielle says:

    He’s my favorite actor on Days…so hot and sexy! Ive been watching him since day one and think he is so talented. Sammie is one lucky lady! :)


    James Scott you are talented and so adorable thank you for entertaining me on Days it is always exciting watching each day and I can related to many parts of Days in my own life. I got to meet Allison in Tulsa a few years back maybe one day I will get to meet you.

  5. WOW, now that’s some good Days’…those last scenes with Sami,in bed, where she was the aggressor and his reaction to it, made my day….I’m an ole lady, but I sure liked it!!! Yabba Dabba Doo……if you get my meaning! LOL
    But you don’t have to have that kind of drama to get back to the “OLD” Days shows. Just get the writers on the ball and get this thing rolling……it can be good again, I know it! Bringing back some of the old characters for a short time might help, I know you’re trying that…just keep the younger ones going with great scripts and we might just have a hit again. It was rather dragging for a while; I’m beginning to see something good starting………keeping my fingers crossed. Just don’t drag story lines out for so long.

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