Rafe Hernandez of Days of Our Lives

"Rafe Hernandez"

“Rafe Hernandez”

Galen Gering has portrayed FBI agent Rafe Hernandez on “Days of Our Lives” since 2008.

Before joining “Days of Our Lives” he played Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald in the daytime drama “Passions”.

In 2000 he was named by People Magazine as one of its 50 most beautiful people.

Galen was raised In Los Angeles by French and Spanish hippie parents.  At age 18 he moved to New York to pursue a modeling career.  He also modeled in Europe.

In addition to acting Galen is a writer and filmmaker.   He studied creative writing and film at the University of Miami where he graduated with honors.

In 2000 he married actress Jenna Hudlett and they have two sons.

We consider Rafe to be one of the Hottest Guys of Drama. What do you think, love to hear any comments about Rafe!



  1. Yes he is one of the hottest guy out there…I did follow him on passions first…

  2. Love Rafe and Sammi together…but I HATE what the writers are doing to these characters and MOST of the show for that matter. Rafe and Kate? come on she is old enough to be his MOTHER! What ever is wrong with these people who are ruining the ONLY soap I’ve ever watched and I go back to the 1/2 hour black and white days with Tom, Alice, Marie, Bill, Micky, Addie, etc etc. These new writers are ruining the show for me.

    • I agree that Rafe and Kate do not belong together. It’s weird!! Rafe and Sammi do belong together though. I don’t get what the writers are trying to do with the story lines.

      • Gag me with a spoon. Every time I see then in bed together I have to close my eyes. She just doesn’t fit. Yes, she is old enough to be his Mom! What the heck ARE the writers thinking? Want to loose viewers?

  3. I personally agree that Galen is quite handsome. His character Rafe however has gone from being level headed to hysterical! I love Sami, I hate Sami, we’re finished, we’re not, my sister is an angel can do no wrong and so on. This is suppose to be a trained FBI/ now cop and he still can’t figure anything out. I find his character really turning me off and tuning me out when he’s on!

  4. I love Rafe on Days of our lives.
    He is so cute, and the most honest and a all around good person.

  5. Do not like the thoughts of Rafe with Kate. Yuck

  6. Mary Ann Whartenby says:

    I love Rafe on Days of Our Lives. I have watched him from the day he started. I also watched him when he was on Passions. He is a great, kind and good looking actor and person.
    Rafe and Kate do not belong together.

  7. Mary Ann Whartenby says:

    Rafe is great on Days. He is a great actor and person.
    I also watched him when he was on Passions.
    I also agree he does not belong with Kate.

  8. nancy ordway says:

    I think Kate is very sexy & so is Rafe. I say “get it on” put more life into my favorite show I’ve been wtching for 27 yrs

    • Kate lost her “sexieness” many years ago. She’s just an old timer on the show, and should be retired now……along with Marlene, or only make short appearances like Julie. They’ve been kind to us in that respect.

      I’ve been watching Day’s for 40 years. Taping it when I was working. Please don’t spoil it after all that time.

      • After much thought, I still can’t quite put my finger on what it is that’s made Kate’s character so dull? If they want to spot light her as a cougar, get another new male character someone we don’t know, and then it MIGHT work. With Rafe NOT so much. They just DON’T have the chemistry, and when they see one another “after” those scenes are horrific, trying to make them look like they’re HOT and hiding something….again NOT. It’s really rather silly. Writers Please remember and think about those of us who are watching this show, we really aren’t that stupid or what ever you’re trying to play to these days. On Days. It was once a great Soap…..get that back!!!

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