Rafe Hernandez of Days of Our Lives

"Rafe Hernandez"

“Rafe Hernandez”

Galen Gering has portrayed FBI agent Rafe Hernandez on “Days of Our Lives” since 2008.

Before joining “Days of Our Lives” he played Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald in the daytime drama “Passions”.

In 2000 he was named by People Magazine as one of its 50 most beautiful people.

Galen was raised In Los Angeles by French and Spanish hippie parents.  At age 18 he moved to New York to pursue a modeling career.  He also modeled in Europe.

In addition to acting Galen is a writer and filmmaker.   He studied creative writing and film at the University of Miami where he graduated with honors.

In 2000 he married actress Jenna Hudlett and they have two sons.

We consider Rafe to be one of the Hottest Guys of Drama. What do you think, love to hear any comments about Rafe!


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